I’m a design leader with over 20 years experience in all areas of product design.

I have a human focused approach that enables me to plan a long-term vision with consistency and clarity to the products I work on. This includes working on brand, user experiences and growth.

I’m based in sunny Manchester in the UK where I’ve been working remotely for over a decade.


Creating products that are user-centered & strategically sound.

By understanding user behaviors, preferences and pain points I create products that solve real problems and deliver exceptional user experiences.

Through research and analysis, I identify gaps in the market and develop unique selling propositions.

This validates product ideas addressing potential issues before launch.


The foundation for a successful product design process.

By defining goals, timelines, resources and stakeholders, everyone is aligned and working towards a common goal.

Defining clear milestones and deliverables provides visibility of progress and maintains momentum.

Planning adds structure, organization and an efficient design process that maximizes resources.


A simple skeletal framework to introduce the product.

We plan the layout of the product, the placement of design elements so the design is organized and functionality is defined.

By mapping basic layouts we identify potential usability issues and encourage collaboration with other team members and stakeholders.

This helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page and can contribute effectively.


Taking an idea from concept to creation & testing it.

I create a more realistic representation of the product, providing a better understanding of its functionality.

I can then identify any potential issues to improve the user experience and make the rest of the process more efficient.

I conduct user testing to gather feedback and identify areas for improvement to improve the final product.

Visual Design

Create consistency & connection with a design system.

Visual design creates an emotional connection and improves engagement. It’s a crucial component of the brand and builds trust with users.

I use design systems with reusable components and variants to scale a product and add efficiency to the design process.

The visual design will increase usability through clarity and consistency to improve overall user satisfaction.


Clear communication, collaboration & attention to detail.

I provide clear design guidelines that outline the typography, color and layout from the design system.

I then collaborate with engineers to ensure that the design is implemented as intended in every state

I then conduct reviews with the engineering team to identify potential issues in the development process so the final product meets the design vision.

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