Darren Alawi

Visual Design – Product Design – UX Strategy

Turning complex ideas into beautiful & intuitive experiences. I work with businesses and agencies all around the world, designing products, websites, apps and brands.

Responsive Web Design

The web has changed alot over the past 15 years.

I’ve been lucky enough to develop my skills alongside it’s evolution. Your website is the face of your brand, the visual standard by which you are judged, if it doesn’t have an impact, it might as well not exist. It’s never been more important to have a website that looks amazing and is an unbelievable experience to interact with.

Application Design

The next evolution in the interactive experience.

Apps are everywhere, on your phone, on your tablet and even on your TV. Apps create immersive experiences that must live up to expectations set by companies like Apple and Google. If you are going to create an app, it’s got to be unforgettable, and that’s exactly where I aim for.

Branding & identities

The heart & soul of every experience is your brand.

It’s the foundation for any experience that stems from it. Before your website or app can be successful, your brand has to be perfect for your audience because its the connection between your business and the people that can make it a success, I only create unique brands that standout from the crowd.

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