What’s up with the iOS contacts icon?

The icon in the room

#app #icon

I wanted to address something that has been bugging me since the release of iOS 7. What the hell is with the contacts icon? I mean that icon is so ugly even Hello Kitty said goodbye.

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Fixing the iOS Shift Key

On or off, who knows?

#interface #ux

For a company that takes user experience so seriously, Apple sure have made a mess of something that’s been around since the invention of the modern day keyboard, the shift key.

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You don’t need to put your logo on everything

Give your audience some credit

#app #brand #icon #logo

Obviously marketing and branding is about getting noticed, but at some point there is a line that needs to be drawn, a line where pushing your brand in front of people when it isn’t really necessary becomes annoying and counter intuitive.

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